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New 2019 Spring/Summer Collection

For this new season we wanted to create a collection of pure and clear lines. Different groups and style with similar atmosphere.

Flats, low heel, medium high heel and high heel, from the most casual shoe in flat last to the most elegance shoes in the high heel and the opposite, because flats shoes can be so elegant and high heels can be very informal and casual. This is the game we are playing this season.

Pointy lasts are the strong part of the collection, more feminine shoes, threads pon-pon as a barroc touch, pleats in the upper remembering us the 70’s, metal buckles in a snake shape...

Squares lasts for more “vintage” look and 70’s. Feminine styles in these lasts make these lasts as winners. Fake fur but really nice touch, metal buckles, Special styles with no lining, so soft and flexible. These details make this group special. Rounded lasts just for a little group of booties, in the perfect heel for being the perfect last to be casual but so chic.

We wanted to focus the strong point in strong combinations, in pure lines. Mixing casual and informal materials with more dressy materials in the same style. As velour booties with covered heels in leather looking satin, contrasts! Black with fuchsia, brown with orange...

Every style is made in two different ways, one in a dressier material and other in a casual one, same style different concept.

We continue with our basic group, where we go on with our pumps and booties in four different highs, for every moment...Two different shapes in pumps: rounded line (regular and classic line, always the perfect option) and squared line (more aggressive and modern).

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