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Introduce la palabra y pulsa intro


A 2020 full of illusion and passion for fashion


First, all of us at Paco Gil want to wish you happiness throughout this coming year and want to take the opportunity to say thank you and to let you know how grateful we are to have customers like you in our lives. May you have a spectacular 2020!!

We hope that you will pursue your dreams in this New Year that has just begun.

Its often hard to achieve ones goals, but with perseverance and a perfect fitting Paco Gil shoe, you will walk forward and arrive to your destination.

Paco Gil will pursue its dreams too!

Our new years resolution is to continue to offer you great collections, combining our beautiful classic pumps with our newest avant-garde designs, without forfeiting fit nor comfort. As always, our aim is to create unique, quality artisan shoes for today’s woman.

The final goal being to offer you total satisfaction in terms of look, fit and comfort.

Our sincerest desire is for you to partake in a total experience, from the moment you enter our site.

Take time to BROWSE, to BUY Paco Gils, at our accessible on line shop, or to just COMMUNICATE with us.

Your needs and comments are very important to us, as it helps us to improve, so don’t hesitate leave a message or to contact us.

We want you to know we are here for YOU!

The inspiration is in you

It’s TRUE! We think of you and all the women who work every day juggling their lives and moving forward, step by step.


That is our initial inspiration, which we then season it with imagination, quality, fashion, trends and comfort.

We invite you to visit our online store where you can check for yourself what we say is true. In our all our styles and designs you can clearly identify the personality of our brand, the Paco Gil “blue print” that is present in the market since 1982, which reinvents itself season after season to adapt  to fashion and market trends.

Again, at the risk of seeming repetitive, we ask you to pursue your dreams.  In 2020 take off your masks and get rid of your fears.

Remember that you are unique, strong and you can get whatever you propose. And your Paco Gils with you.

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