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Black Friday 2019 Paco Gil


Black Friday, is a custom imported from the United States where retail stores and department stores, both through their physical shops and online sales channels, launch aggressive discounts on the last Friday of November of each year. The reason is to open the Christmas shopping season, be forecasters and advance the purchases that we often make for Christmas gifts.

High discounts, as well as easier payment facilities and the expansion of Internet purchases, have popularized Black Friday. Now a days, most of the retail businesses, worldwide, attract the end consumer by joining in and offering great promotions during Black Friday 2019.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

Black Friday, is the day that the U.S.A, still being today the world’s first economic power, celebrates the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The chosen day, the last Friday of November, is motivated to be the day after Thanksgiving and officially opens up the holiday season.

Thanks Giving Day in English, is one of the most popular national holidays in the United States. Its celebration has a religious origin, and it began as a day to thank God for the crops reaped after the first year. Currently, in the United States, the tradition is for families to reunite. At home, and lunch together where the main course, traditionally, is a large roast or baked turkey with loads of vegetable side dishes to commemorate that first robust havest.

Paco Gil 30% discount on Black Friday 2019

What are the Black Friday 2019 offers in the Paco Gil online store?

Paco Gil also wants to join Black Friday 2019 and offer our friends the best discounts on our most elegant and comfortable womens shoes. If you visit our online store, at the web address you will find that all our shoes for the autumn winter 2019/ 2020 season are reduced by 30%!

Tradition marks that the “Black Friday” offers begin on the last Friday of November, at the opening hours of the establishment, and end at the end of the day on Friday. In the online stores, which remain open and available 24 hours a day, the promotional schedule starts at 00:01h and ends at 23:59h.

But since at Paco Gil, we always focused on attention and care for our clients, we have made the decision to get ahead of Black Friday 2019: all week, from Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., Until Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 p.m., we also join Cyber ​Monday! We will keep our 30% discount on any of our shoe models, in all colors and sizes available.

When is Black Friday a 2020?

The following Black Friday of 2020, will be last Friday of November again. In the case of 2020, we will celebrate this day on Friday, the 27th of November. A date that, will be circled and marked in red by all retail outlets worldwide, both physical and on line, to bring you the spectacular offers and promotions. So be sure to highlight this date on your new 2020 calendar and visit Paco Gil on line next year.

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