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EAST MEETS WEST – Paco Gil International expands to China


The international vocation of Paco Gil shoes always pushes us to grow, to think globally, and to be attentive to the latest trends in women’s fashion. For these reasons, we want to announce, with great satisfaction and effort on our part, that Paco Gil is currently expanding its brand in Asia.

To expand across this booming continent, Paco Gil has chosen China as the leading economic powerhouse in all of Asia. Through the Chinese giant, we want to publicize and spread the Paco Gil brand, its fashion collections, and the European trends in footwear, which are exclusively designed at Paco Gil.

For this commercial adventure we have added, to the international experience of Paco Gil, the knowledge and strength of our Chinese partner, Guangzhou Worldshoes International Trading. We both share the same international quest and determination to expand the Paco Gil footwear firm worldwide.

Paco Gil Shoes stores in Beijing.

Wanting to break through in a country as huge as China, we logically wanted to settle in its capital, Beijing, as a showcase for the Paco Gil brand for the whole country and with the will to highlight our firm commitment to the international market. In addition to being the China’s capital, Beijing (Beijing) is one of the most populous cities in the world, with more than 21 million people.

The gigantic city of Beijing is tremendously cosmopolitan, and with an enviable economic and financial strength. Therefore, at Paco Gil we have bet strongly and we have decided to open, not one, but two stores, in two of the most exclusive shopping centers in the city, where we rub shoulders with the most important international brands and their luxurious stores. We want to reach the most exclusive and demanding customer, and we know that our brand, exclusively designed at the Paco Gil Spain studio, will meet all its expectations.

Paco Gil Cuiwei Haidian China

Paco Gil Cuiwei Haidian China

  • Cuiwei Building Block A
  • Paco Gil Shoes at the mall Shuang’An Department Storede China

  • Shuang’An Departament Store.

Paco Gil Shoes store in Foshan (Guangdong)

We have strategically opened a new store in the city of Foshán, located in the province of Guangzhou (Guangdong), in the south of the People’s Republic of China. The city has a very long history, dating back to 5,000 years old, and is very popular and known for its porcelain industry.

Foshán currently combines the best of both worlds, tradition and modernity, and for this reason we wanted to join its dynamism by opening a new Paco Gil Shoes store. Specifically located in its famous Shunlian Shopping Mall, one of the busiest shopping centers in the entire city.

Paco Gil Shoes in the Shunlian International Shopping Center in China

Paco Gil Shoes in the Shunlian International Shopping Mall of China

  • Shunlian Shopping Mall.

Hopefully we will soon be able to announce new commercial store openings, as the international interest in the Paco Gil brand grows due to the customer’s knowledge of the quality of the materials we use, the comfort factor inherent in all our shoes and the care dedicated to our uniquely fashionable and exclusive design.

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