This contract is perfected and linked to the parties regarding the obligation of delivery of the good by the seller and the payment of the price established by the buyer from the moment of acceptance by the buyer.

The full payment of the price of the products, which appears in the corresponding file of each of them, will be carried out in the following ways:

Payment by credit or debit card: The customer can choose payment by credit or debit card, so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed. The payment made will be transmitted to the Cajamar Cooperative Group, which is responsible for providing the respective remote electronic payment service, without any third party having access to it. The credit card data will be put directly on the bank’s secure website, without any of this data being recorded on our servers.

Payment through Paypal: The customer can opt for this mode of payment as long as he is a user of a Paypal account. The payment made is registered only in the Paypal account, without any third party having access to it.

Split your payment with SeQura: Choose to divide the amount of your order in 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments, at the time of purchase.
– Its easy, its instant with no need for paperwork. Only need your DNI/NIE, your mobile phone number and your card.
– Only a fixed cost per month (varies depending on the amount of the order) without interest, TIN 0%. No hidden costs.
– At the time of purchase, the first card payment is made, and the rest will be automatically charged according to the monthly payments you have chosen.
– You can modify your payment plan or pay in full at any time without any additional costs. And you can choose or modify the day of the month in which you want to pay.
– SeQura will keep you informed at all times via email and SMS.
– It’s a SeQura service, to offer you the option to leave your card on file so you do not have to re-enter your payment details with each new purchase. But that decision is definitely only yours to make.

Buy now pay later with SeQura.
Make your on line purchases the same way you have done all your life: paying when you have the order, have checked it and you are convinced that you want to keep it.
• You have up to 7 days after sending the order to make the payment by credit or debit card, transfer or deposit into account. And we also offer you the option of paying it in 3 or 6 months.
• This service offered by SeQura has no additional cost.
• At the time of purchase you do not have to leave your bank details
• SeQura will inform you of the terms and forms of payment via email and SMS.
• Once you have bought with SeQura, if you leave your card on file, you will never have to re-enter your payment information for future purchases.

Right of revocation

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 44 of the Law of Retail Trade Management, the buyer may revoke this contract within seven days of receiving the items. Once the buyer has been notified of the withdrawal of the buyer, he must return the merchandise to the seller in the same conditions in which it was delivered. The seller, meanwhile, will return the amount of the order to the buyer as soon as possible. Revocations of orders or returns of merchandise will not be accepted outside the indicated deadlines.

The withdrawal must be communicated to the seller by email to the address within the indicated period of seven days.