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Spain’s Best Dressed Foot Award


Paco Gil y Olga Ballester Mejor Calzada de España 2018 en Teatro Castelar de Elda

Since 1999, the Elda Footwear Museum (Alicante) organizes and celebrates the Best Dressed Foot Award in Spain. It is an honorary appointment with the aim of giving due merit to the quality, prestige and projection of Spanish footwear. To achieve this, the members of the jury distinguish women of recognized social prestige, who for their public and professional career are praised by the people, as shoe ambassadors for a full year. The commitment of the winner is to collaborate in the national and international dissemination of the extraordinary quality, and the exceptional design, of Spanish shoe and footwear firms.

The international Spanish shoe brand Paco Gil, via one of its designer’s, Paco Gil, was invited to be part of the jury that deliberated and bestowed, the best dressed foot award for Spain 2018. So we would like to congratulate the Spanish swimmer Ona Carbonell Ballestero, who was deservedly and unanimously chosen for her professionalism and international achievements as the Good Will ambassador for Spanish footwear industry.

Since its origin, Paco Gil is committed to the international projection of Spanish footwear, in achieving the positioning that the Spanish shoe industry deserves, and in excelling through the elegance and style of our shoes. These objectives are shared by the entire organization of the Best Dressed Foot selection team in Spain.

Paco Gil en la gala de Mejor Calzada de España 2018 premio a Olga Carbonell

The most recent sporting accomplishments of Spain’s National team swimmer, Ona Carbonell have been the 2º silver medals in the individual technical and individual free style categories, and the bronze medal in the special routine category, achieved at the 2019 World Championships. Among the general public she is also known for her participation in the television contest Masterchef Spain Celebrity 2018 edition, where she managed to be the winner of the cooking program beating out, many famous celebrities including the Spanish actress Paz Vega.
“Elda has stolen my heart, I have lived a unique and special day, I have discovered that Spanish footwear is wonderful”.

Throughout the Best Dressed Foot Gala 2018, the Spanish swimmer praised both the city of Elda and its main industry, the quality footwear that is designed and manufactured in Spain. Stating that the best thing has been how you work with love, perfection and excellence. During her speech, the swimmer also emphasized that athletes like fashion, fit and be well dressed. More and more of us are swapping the tracksuit for a great pair of shoes and a matching dress.

Paco Gil como jurado de la Mejor Calzada de España 2018

Several elite female athletes from the province of Alicante did not want to miss the chance to honor Carbonell and were also present in the Elda theater, such as:

  • Isabel Ortuño, handball player who has been the first and only, at the moment, Olympic athlete born in Elda.
  • Vanessa Amorós, also a handball player, who competed at the 2004 Summer Athens Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.
  • María Isabel Fernández, judo competitor and one of the few athletes to hold the triple crown: Olympic gold in Sydney 2000, gold medal at the Judo World Championships and also gold at the European Championships.
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