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100% Made in Spain

Innovation, quality & shoemaking tradition

The secret of Paco Gil footwear is a perfect and balanced combination of the finest shoemaking tradition with the latest technological developments in the sector.

Every pair of Paco Gil shoes is created in the studio and factories that the brand has in Elda, Spain and its surroundings. This is where each singular design is developed under the expertise of the Paco Gil artistic director and “on hands” design team.

Quality and comfort are the two pillars which the team integrates into its design strategies. Research, innovation and development are the engine for the progress and the evolution of the brand.

Paco Gil creates and manufactures each shoe as a unique piece. It all starts as an idea that matures and carefully developes into an original design, later to form part of a whole collection that has been studied in detail to meet the expectations and objectives of the woman that wants to put personality into every step she takes.

Last forms, constructions, materials, lines… All these essentials are studied and analyzed by the Paco Gil team to offer freshness with a cosmopolitan, avant-garde and comfortable collection season after season.

Paco Gil knows that the quality of the materials is as important as the bold and sophisticated designs. For this reason, it doesn’t just sell shoes, but offers a footwear concept based on a brand philosophy and undeniable qualities.